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Herbicide Development Center

Van Diest Supply Company has a unique facility dedicated to formulation development and process development to help push the Ag Chemical Industry forward with new products and processes.

Formulation Development

We assist customers in developing formulas from “scratch”. We provide development of water dispersible granules using pan granulation or short path, low pressure extrusion. We also provide development of emulsifiable concentrates and suspension concentrates.

Process Development

We develop the manufacturing process using customers' formulations or formulations we develop.

Scale Up

Scale up from 5 lbs. to 200,000 lbs. of granules. Liquids and suspension concentrates from 1 gallon to 10,000 gallons.

Small Volume Production

Due to the compact size and state of the art design of this unit, cleanout costs are relatively low, making those small volume products more viable.

The Van Diest Supply Company Advantage

The completely self-contained Development Center has its own laboratory, change rooms, warehouse, breakrooms, state of the art equipment, stainless steel blenders, mills, dryers, etc. Van Diest Supply Company has many years of product development experience and Formulation Development Chemists with an experienced support staff.

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